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Deuce had his eye surgery December 8th which was successful and is recovering nicely with his foster family Tom, Margo, Atlas, Bodie and Caitlen at Timber Run.
Reis is successfully passing his foster evaluations and is preparing to look for his forever home in 2021.

Deuce's Story -

Deuce and sibling Sadie were accepted in the KDRP Rescue this past summer.  Unfortunately, Deuce arrived with a severe injury to his right eye that was untreated prior to his arrival. 

Like a human eye, the cornea covers and protects the lens and other structures in the eye. In the course   of his injury the cornea was punctured and the lens slipped aside. The result was both a painful wound and obscured vision. The eye was immediately and extremely inflamed, and in a very short while, aggressive scar tissue formed. This prevented the lens from returning to its’ proper position behind the cornea affecting his vision.  Sadly, lacking proper care to the eye prior to Deuce arriving to the Rescue and his foster family, he had already lost sight in this eye.  His current treatment is simply eye drops to help decrease inflammation.

Fortunately, he does not seem to be in pain and Deuce is adjusting well to foster care in spite of his severe eye injury and luckily, having the use of only one eye won’t be a hindrance to Deuce becoming a superb and fully functional companion dog. But because of his injury, Deuce needs to have his damaged right eye removed very soon to ensure his future health and wellbeing.   We are hoping to be able to schedule him as soon as next month. 

Clearly, any surgery is both expensive and time consuming for the human “hands helping paws.”

HHP/the Kangal Dog Rescue Project is asking everyone who reads this note to please contribute. Every donation, regardless of amount, will help to defray the considerable cost of this surgery/recovery process for Deuce.  And ultimately speeding him on his way to a forever family!

Thanks in advance with a big paw and a full body wag from Deuce!

Deuce: About Us
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